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Leica M8

Who wouldn't want to be able to attach a Leica M lens on to a digital camera? Obviously, if you're shooting anything fast pace, the lack of auto-focus could be a problem, as well as lack of telephoto options—but that would just look weird attached to a rangefinder body.

The Leica M8 is a Leica in the finest tradition known for hand-built quality, and at $4,800 it matches the price. The M8 supports most M lenses with unmatched sharpness helped by the lack of an anti-alias filter in front of the APS-C sized 10MP Kodak sensor. Interestingly, Leica has also forgone an IR or UV-cut sensor, requiring the user to attach one to the lens itself. The camera supports ISO sensitivities from 160 to 2500 and 2fps continuous drive (these cameras are designed for "un moment decisif"—the "decisive moment"—not careless bursting).