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Nikon Coolpix A

I really like Ming Thein's reviews, and his introduction regarding the Coolpix A is on-point:
"Nikon has finally entered the large-sensor compact game (I don’t count the 1 series, which is a bit of an odd beast in that logically it’s all the system camera most people need, but not the camera that most people want.)"

The Coolpix A has an APS-C sized ("DX" in Nikon speak) sensor and priced at $1,100—competitive with the Fujifilm X100s but significantly cheaper than a Sony RX1 or Leica X2—all its direct fixed-lens competitors. The lens is a little bit longer than its peers, and slower than the Sony and X100s (the same speed as the Leica X2). Technically, the camera looks very much like a Japanese made upgraded Leica X2, but physically it lacks the gestalt of the Fujifilm X100 and Leica X series (like the Sony, it weighs-in at the more familiar scene-focused side). The Coolpix A will face some competition from the recently announced, and cheaper, Ricoh GR which with its latest incarnation will also house an APS-C sized sensor and which has had an established following since the line used 35mm film.