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50MP CMOS Digital Backs

Hasselblad made news recently when they announced their H5D-50c which will be available in March. The unique aspect of the camera was that its imaging back had a CMOS sensor at its heart, a first for mainstream medium format cameras. Later that week, Phase One introduced their IQ250 back, also with a 50MP CMOS sensor, which is apparently already available for order at $35,000 and expected to start shipping within a couple weeks. The group and Luminous Landscape already have theirs, and have started talking about the IQ250 about which they claim clean images up through ISO 6400 which is a huge change for cameras that often don't even see ISO 400.

UPDATED: Not to be outdone, on February 5th, Pentax announced the tentatively titled "PENTAX 645D 2014", an updated to its nearly four-year-old novel digital entry, which was both weather sealed and refreshingly economical. The new Pentax 645D is expected to hit markets in Spring 2014 as well, will have a tilting rear LCD (Pentax medium-format cameras historically more closely mimic mid/high range SLRs than most competitors), and of course, a 50MP CMOS back.