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Hasselblad X1D: Medium Format Mirrorless

Sony's 50MP 44mmx33mm CMOS sensor gets around. In addition to appearing in the first CMOS-based medium format cameras from each of Phase One, Pentax, and Hasselblad; it is now in the first medium format mirrorless. To support the new system, Hasselblad is starting a new line of lenses starting with an 45mm f/3.5 and 90mm f/4.5, with an 30mm f/3.5 to follow.

Leica M-D Announced

Leica's recently announced its latest digital camera, which by the released specs sounds sounds like the Typ 240 and 262 except for the LCD, which is missing (replaced with a physical ISO selector). The camera shoots DNG-only, with some basic configurations being confirmed through the viewfinder, making this camera basically a cheaper version of the "Leica 60" special version of the Typ 240.

Leica X-U: A tough X2 Announced

Leica's found its form in the point-and-shoot market with its X-line rather than its Panasonic co-brand. The Made-in-Germany Leica designs from the X-2—that is additionally the X-Vario, X Type 113, and X-E Type 102—have contained a similar form factor and technical abilities. The new X-U shares the Type 113 on-lens manual focusing (other models focused using an awkward dial on the back of the body) while adding environmental sealing and is rated for under-water usage for up to an hour at 15m.

Olympus 300mm f/4.0 IS Pro ED M.Zuiko Digital

Olympus has added to their professional lens line-up with a 300mm Micro Four Thirds pro lens, replacing the need for the heavier, slower, Four Thirds 300mm F/2.8. The new lens (MSRP expected around $2,500 USD) has already been reviewed by SLR Gear with exceptional performance and some details about the new (especially for Olympus) in-lens image stabilization system. In the past, Olympus has relied on in-camera stabilization, and using an IS lens (such as those from Panasonic) required making a decision as to whether the combination would use the body's or lens' IS system. With compatible cameras, such as an OM-D E-M1 with updated firmware, the new 300mm f/4 IS Pro ED M.Zuiko Digital lens can function in conjunction with the body's IS, providing 6-stops worth of stabilization. SLR Gear's reports also report issues with shutter-shock, although bodies that provide an electronic shutter (such as the aforementioned E-M1 with its silent mode) can eliminate that problem.

A new Leica: The Leica SL

Leica's done it again, releasing a mirror-less camera. Unlike it's earlier non-M attempt at an interchangeable-lens mirror-less camera, the T, the new SL actually sounds like it's a worthy product judging from Sean Reid's write-up following over a year of testing prototypes. The camera will suppor…

Olympus Air A01

The Sony QX line sounded like a good idea—advanced lenses and imaging sensors talking talking to a mobile phone wirelessly. The former handles focusing and imaging, the latter display and user interface. Nevertheless, most users thought that carrying an extra device to take better photos was jus…